London: Day 4, Part 1

Our last day in London (sob).

Hyde Park,  DaVinci show at The Queen's Gallery

We started the day in Hyde Park (it was a beautiful sunny day, after two crappy days back to back), where we visited the memorial fountain to Princess Diana.

Mar, sporting her new boot purchase from Sukie's :)

Princess Di's memorial in Hyde Park. I was imagining the usual fountain design, but this was so much more reflective of her. It was simple but very powerful. A circular, meditative waterway
that you could walk around or sit by.

It was nice to sit a bit after hours and days of walking around. This spot afforded us that. It made you stop and reflect, beautiful. But alas, there was still a lot to see and so little time to see it in! We headed next to the Queen's Gallery to see the DaVinci exhibit. I can't believe we actually debated skipping this :)

His drawing of the head, eye, brain

His "Coitus" drawing is my favorite (think of that what you may).
More fascinating was his reproductive hypotheses...
I really loved how they displayed his drawings next to a 3-D version.
The accuracy was just mind-blowing.

His drawings of the heart

This was fucking amazing. Below his vaginal drawing are the differnt ways he surmised the anal sphincter.

Can you imagine how fast he had to draw that before it started to rot? There was no formaldehyde in those days...



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