Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Orchestra Rehearsal

On Thursday evening, I got the chance to draw and listen to my friend, Max Ozey, play in the New York Symphony Arts Ensemble at the Julia Richman Auditorium, 317 East 67th Street. It was in the high school that the movie Fame was shot in! All I kept thinking was "Wow, I'm walking on the same stairs as those cool actors did." Or "this is the sidewalk where they all went wild and danced on cars." Anyway, the auditorium is beautiful. Old, with wooden chairs! The orchestra was rehearsing Brahms's Symphony No. 2 in D Major–a gorgeous piece to listen to–for their concert happening today.

I felt so priveleged to be able to sit in on their rehearsal. To be able to listen to music and make art at the same time...there is something magical in that.

Here are some drawings that I did from that night. Also, if you'd like to be immersed in beautiful music and attend one of the concerts, go to You'll be funding a great cause.

On a very important side note: Max was my inspiration (more like the  kick in the pants I needed) to finally get a (digital) piano after many years of not playing and having a piano of my own. Thank you, Max! It's done wonders for my heart and soul.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Recent model drawings

Wonderful to draw from the model at Dalvero, experimenting with line, shape, color, pattern.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tiger Lily

When Tilly, the love of my life, passed in June, I thought it would be impossible for me to get another cat. Tilly was irreplaceable, a cat that was there with me and for me through great times and, more importantly, the shitty ones—giving her love unconditionally.

 I felt an immense guilt for having to put her down after we knew there was no more we could do for her and her cancer. She lived one more whole year on her homeopathic meds (and I couldn't be happier to have had that time with her). So I felt an immense guilt even thinking about another kitty in her place.

Then...about 4 months after Tilly died, I volunteered at an animal adoption event and met the creature that would melt my heart, and heal it at the same time.

Enter, Tiger Lily. I have had this little furry creature for a month and what's been her message to me? Don't delay the joy and love another animal can bring (and don't wallow in your sadness too long). She has brought with her so much love and new energy, but honestly, it feels like the energy is just continuing, right where we left off with Tilly. I love you forever, Till. Thank you for being in my life.

Here's some recent drawings I made of Tiger Lily. And also one I did of Tilly exactly a year ago today...


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Twisted Dove

A woman on the bus had a white dove in a cage. It was a rescue and she was taking it home. The dove could twist its neck almost 360 degrees, like an owl. I thought this was amazing. But the woman told me that the dove suffered from a disease called paramyxovirus—which effects a pigeon's nervous system and muscular function—where the bird's neck can not turn straight, making it almost impossible to feed itself. Normally, these doves are euthanized.

She said the dove has been doing better, with training. In the cage, however it struggled under stress.

I did these drawings when I got home. I couldn't get the image of this twisted dove out of my head. I couldn't imagine how it must've felt. Yet, I could somehow relate...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cherry Blossoms!

This past Saturday, I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to see the famous cherry blossoms. I thought I'd missed their blooming extravaganza and had pretty low expectations. As I turned the corner on the path to the Cherry Walk, though, I was presented with an explosion of blossoms! It was intoxicating. Walking down the path with the branches intertwining above me and the sun streaming was pure magic.

I'm still kind of in disbelief that I caught the blossoms at the exact right moment. Just a day or so before, a friend was telling me they were still not all quite out. It's like they all burst into bloom overnight. And it was lovely to see so many people enjoying them. We were all bursting into bloom as well, after the winter we've had.

I did a few drawings and watercolors under a cherry tree with my friend, Jen, who joined me. Showers of petals would fall from the strong favorite part. I felt as though I were a little girl back in Iran, among the cherry blossoms there.

Here a couple of drawings from the beautiful Japanese garden, featuring a torii.

And some pics of the actual trees. Couldn't get enough!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Paperswell: Flowers/Ladies/Art

It was a real treat to get my copy of Paperswell a couple of weeks ago. A very talented designer by the name of Kelle McCarter contacted me last year, inviting me to be a part of the latest issue of her magazine. I was thrilled. You can see a preview here and order your own copy by clicking on the link above. The magazine has a spread on each artist, and features beautiful designers of stationery, and illustrators as well. All proceeds go to the Golden Retrievers of the Rockies fund! You can't go wrong with that :)

Kelle has also written a lovely piece on me on her blog. Check it out here.

To learn more about Kelle, please click here.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Threshold (Anemones)

Revisiting a project from several years ago, I found this drawing and painting to be such a struggle to create today. I hate when art-making is a struggle. I feel like I'm at the threshold between old and new (what I've done and what I'm not sure of). I'm feeling insecure about it. Frustrating and challenging. I just wanted to put this idea down. It's been milling around in my head for weeks. But my vision and reality have become two different things. Maybe that's a good thing? This is what came out. I'm not sure yet what I think, because they are me and not me at the same time. I know that I am impatient and rusty. But I was thinking of my old friend Klimt a little bit. And a new guy came into my head today, Odilon Redon. Not someone I ever look to. But I don't have control over that. When I draw, it's something else that moves the brush and pen...this much I do know. I'm feeling like those fragile anemones.

Venus and Adonis (the origin of the red anemone)

Anemones (the death and rebirth of Adonis)