Threshold (Anemones)

Revisiting a project from several years ago, I found this drawing and painting to be such a struggle to create today. I hate when art-making is a struggle. I feel like I'm at the threshold between old and new (what I've done and what I'm not sure of). I'm feeling insecure about it. Frustrating and challenging. I just wanted to put this idea down. It's been milling around in my head for weeks. But my vision and reality have become two different things. Maybe that's a good thing? This is what came out. I'm not sure yet what I think, because they are me and not me at the same time. I know that I am impatient and rusty. But I was thinking of my old friend Klimt a little bit. And a new guy came into my head today, Odilon Redon. Not someone I ever look to. But I don't have control over that. When I draw, it's something else that moves the brush and pen...this much I do know. I'm feeling like those fragile anemones.

Venus and Adonis (the origin of the red anemone)

Anemones (the death and rebirth of Adonis)


  1. i am struck by the presence of the heart in the top one, charlotte. that may be the critical clue.
    you'll work towards it, i think.

  2. Thank you, Susan. Love gives us the power to change.

  3. These are so beautiful, Charlotte! So sensitive!

  4. These are gorgeous!!!
    your work is truly amazing.


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