London: Day 3

King's Road (Chelsea): Orla Kiley, Green & Stone Art Store, World's End, Sukie's shoe store, Chelsea Tea Shop

Shoreditch (Northeast London): like Williamsburg, Bklyn, but edgier with a burgeoning gallery scene and funky stores

South Bank: Tate Modern

I dropped $$$ at Green and Stone.
But look at these gorgeous inks...

My very first Windsor and Newton watercolor set in its famous black metal container.
I can't wait to get more cakes and mix up the colors.
Oh my god, these pastel sticks are like buttah.

Antique watercolor sets!!!

Look how beautiful this is!

Chelsea: World's End (Vivienne Westwood's first clothing store) 

My VW sweater purchase. It's a strange cut which is why I love it so much.

Sukie's Shoe Store

Got kick-ass shoes and boots from this store run by yet another very sweet Persian man

The Chelsea Teashop

Westminster Abbey

The most amazing tombs in this place, including my idol's: Elizabeth I.
Also we stood in the very spot where what's her name and William got married (Kate!)


Went to an exhibit at Divus Contemporary featuring some punk photographs from the 70's.
Got a tip from some old and wonderful ex-punks at Vivienne Westwood's. God save the Queen...

Beautiful and funky shoes at Tracy Neuls, all hung from the ceiling.

Sun Dial and Tower Bridge 

We then took the Tube to the Tower Bridge and came across a lovely sundial with the decimal events of London history illustrated around it. Loved walking across the Tower Bridge and seeing the Tower of London ominously looming to the right of it...

Tower of London


Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge, detai

We were again on the South Bank and we went to a lovely place for dinner. Here's a picture of what I ate although I can't remember the name of the place. We then rode the bus to the Tate, where Mar discovers she enjoys looking at modern art :)

There was a Damien Hirst exhibit up. We actually watched the video of his process, which I normally would've passed up. It was good having Mar there with me. Her "beginner's mind" when it comes to art reminds me to keep my "seasoned one" open as if Id never seen a work of art before that I'd seen a hundred times. We strolled through the 20th c. art rooms, where (to my surprise and delight) she asked me for the first time to explain modern/abstract art to her...and where she discovered a new-found appreciation for it. I also found myself apprecaiting or re-appreciating, as a result.

End of Day 3.



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