Crossing over to Brittany, we stayed a couple of nights in the beautifully-preserved town of Dinan. Dinan is a walled medieval city dating to the 13th century. The walls provide great views of the city and surrounding landscape from above and were fun to walk along. The highlight was hearing the church bells of two different cathedrals ringing in unison at sunset from one of the ramparts.

The Rue Jerzual is the main or most popular street, extremely steep and narrow, lined with quaint shops and cobble-stoned. It leads down to the old port where we took a little boat ride on the Rance. A lovely area of northwestern France which I highly recommend seeing. Here are some drawings I made while there.

Rue Jerzual and the river beyond as seen from the ramparts.
Blue shutters of various shades and windows potted with pink and
red flowers are a real French statement, and do their job of brightly
dotting the prevalent grey and brown villages in northern France.

Boat ride down the Rance, with the fortressed walls
of Dinan in the background
The Rance

The wondrous gearsof the clock tower in Dinan. Great to draw!

A musician playing a guitar/accordian-like instrument that he wound
with his right hand

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