Bound (No one wins)

Most of my posts are about my travels and center on landscapes and things that come from beauty. These images don't. They are nonetheless heart-felt, and perhaps even disturbing to some. They come from my heart, which can be quite sad, angry, and dark, at times. I can't help but feel a deep pain and unrest within me and around me. These works are a response to that. They are not based on anything I've read or should read, or the media, which loves to instigate and perpetuate. If I seem naive or uninformed, contrary, or idealistic, then so be it. I feel misunderstood at times, and the more I try to explain, the more the communication lines break down. So I use the best vehicle for me, drawing.

One person told me that I (and no white people) should be quoting Martin Luther King right now. I thought that was ridiculous (and narrow-minded, esp. in the stance they were taking). Why shouldn't I? Isn't that the point? "An eye for an eye makes everyone blind" is one my favorite quotes of all time. More than ever, everyone should be quoting from MLK. But that's just my opinion. If you don't agree, you don't agree. But please don't try to "educate" me or suggest I google what you think I'm ignorant on. I don't base my thoughts solely on what I read or what people tell me. I weight it and take in what feels right. I try to base my thoughts on what I feel. That's sometimes hard, but it is where the things I might say or draw come from. If you think that's bullshit or stupid or ignorant, then unfriend me. I don't care. What you think of me is none of my business. Yes, I'm angry. Very angry. And very heart-broken. And that's where these pieces come in. I've worked out some of my feelings through art-making. I sometimes wish more people would do the same–even if not artists–instead of hurting each other through words, or worse.

These are inspired by two of my favorites: Jean-Michel Basquiat and Corita Kent. Both talked about and responded to what was going on within them and the outside world, in a very personal way. I leave these to your interpretation, your personal view. What does it bring up for you? I know at times I feel like a "drowning torso". Or suffocating in a tangle. Whatever is happening outside is happening on the inside, as well. If you choose to respond, I'd rather know how it makes you feel vs what you think of the work.

Tied: This piece started in a drawing class. The model had his arms crossed over himself.
As I drew it, I began thinking about a bound figure, unfree. It made me think about the
violence and hate perpetuating racially right now.

Drowning Torso: I drew this at the same time as Tied, with the same idea.
A powerless figure with no arms, bound, and drowning.

I took the "Bound" idea a bit further placing both races in a suffocating tangle. 
No one is free. And no one wins.

An eye for an eye: I don't believe there is any difference between these two faces. 
The hatred is akin to eating each other. 

An eye for an eye (It's the same face)

No one wins

Bound together (The blind leading the blind)

Rising out of the ash heap

Maybe there's room

Painting by Basquiat

Screen print by Corita Kent

These are 2 effigies from Cameroon, Africa

Effigy I (Bound in Blood): Blood is red no matter what color you are


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