London: Day 2

Lunch at L'Opera, Harrods, Fancy Regent Street, Sloane Square, Saatchi Gallery,
Double-Decker Bus through London to St. Pauls Cathedral, over London Bridge to Shakespeare's Globe Theater on the South Bank...

It was pouring out when we left the V&A.
Mar found this great eatery nearby, which happened to be owned by a very sweet Persian man.

The sweets in the window of L'Opera

Our amazing Persian lunch and fresh mint tea to boot


 Some of the amazing crowns in the windows of Harrod's, commissioned by different designers to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee. So much fun.

Windows around Sloane Square

All the shop windows were done up for the Jubilee. Everywhere in London was festive.

I love this miniature waving Queen

Saatchi Gallery


 St. Paul's from the Bus

Globe Theater & Fish and Chips

The beautiful gate of the Globe Theater
(where Shaky's plays were performed back in the day)


Actors waiting to go on stage obligingly let us take pics
The Globe Theater

Catherine of Aragon stayed in this house (with the red door) on her first landing in England

Sir Christopher Wren also stayed in the house with red door when he was building St Paul's

Beer and yummy fish and chips at the Swann Inn (I think that's the name)


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