Mexico: Tierra Fértil

Mexico presented itself to me before I ever stepped foot on its soil. From my plane window, I saw the topography shift from the predictable greys and dark purples of mountain ranges, rivers, and long stretches of fields to something I'd never seen.

An expansive quilt of grass, earth, water, and metal. Silvery bits shone in the blunt sunlight. Black dots speckled the patches of orange, ochre, burgundy, green. Waterways threaded the earth like snakes shedding their skin. You could not mistake this land for America, or any other. To me, it was a veritable extension of the people and their culture. I took photographs of it in my mind's eye, as a camera could not remotely capture what I was looking at.

And then I started to paint from memory the sensations, myriad hues and shapes, circles upon circles, zigzags, and dots. Mexico, embedded like jewels in the land.

Cielo y Tierra Looking at the land from the sky (10" x 6")

Tierra Fértil (10" x 6")

Colcha de Colores (10" x 6")

Tributaries (Afluentes) (10" x 6") Sold

I Was Happy Here (Cocodrilo) (10" x 6")


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