Haramara was paradisical. Set into the mountainside, it was a peaceful oasis that I portrayed (with love) in a few paintings shown below. During the "opening circle" of the yoga retreat, when we were asked what brought us to Haramara, I replied that I always wanted to live in a tree house. With our little cabanas set into the surrounding forest and the terrace built around one of the large trees overlooking the ocean, I may as well have been in one. It was pretty blissful. I felt like Pippy Longstocking on her South Seas adventure, traipsing up and down the dirt pathways in barefeet. The boughs overhanging the windy paths and the open areas that allowed you to gaze at the moon and stars, gave Haramara a romantic, fairytale quality. This is a special place that I will definitely revisit.

My favorite place to hang (the terrace)

The Cabanas (10" x 6")

From the Terrace (10" x 6") Sold

Chachalacas (12" x 9")

It was peaceful from where I was I painted this sitting in the yoga pavilion in one of the most peaceful and enjoyable painting moments I've ever had (10" x 6")

Palm Tree with Woodpeckers (12" x 9")

Chachalacas in the Moonlit Tree (12" x 9")

Drawing "Chachalacas in the Moonlit Tree", the last piece I did before leaving


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