Standing Deep

I made a short film (my first attempt :). I'd been struggling to express (through art) a broken heart and an ancient wound that resurfaced recently. But painting didn't feel right, nothing did really. Then I started to listen to a song from Grizzly Bear that I'd fallen in love with titled, "Foreground". It's so beautiful. Many people had used it on YouTube to accompany their videos.

As I watched, I became really inspired and thought, shit, this is the way I have to express what's happening in my heart these days.  

Excerpts from the poem I wrote titled 'Standing Deep' appear at the end. It reads:

Below me the highway roars on and on
Above me a seagull flies in silence
The river is calm and even
but the twigs twitch in the wind still

I was in the foreground with you for a moment
and then everything blurred

How fast it all went by
like the whirring cars on the highway
It’s not fair how short it was
How short it always was
The window opened a crack
always just a crack
And I smile while walking on the broken panes
And I sink like sediment to the bottom of my pain
It’s murky there, a place between dark and light
Where all the feelings go that need a home
This is where I can rest from my efforts at love
When the sand settles and there is calm again
then I can step into the river, a river with a bottom
so I am not falling forever
but standing deep in my own base

Icicles become nothing but water slowly
become part of the river

And now we are strangers
And it is strange between us
But that is how love goes
One moment close
And in another the distance grows
like a long shadow
obscuring what once was

Your road is now so far from mine
Can barely see you now in the dust
You become dust just like you wanted

I can’t reach you
just can watch you walk away through
a small hole in my heart

I wash the wound
I watch it close and heal

© C. Noruzi 2011

Thumbnails I'd done years ago that I used for this


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