Savannah was not a city on my bucket list. Never even crossed my mind to go there until my friend, Jeff, moved down to South Carolina and I made a plan to visit him. He suggested I visit Savannah for a few days before we met up. OK, I said. I had no expectations.

Then...I saw the live oaks and the twenty or so Squares Savannah is famous for. I was instantly captivated by this city's rich history and charm. I walked everywhere (it's a tiny city) and took in the sights and scents, the balmy breeze swaying the Spanish moss on those live oaks I fell for—at once beautiful and haunting. Full of history, older than this country itself.

I got to draw and paint here and there when I wasn't sightseeing my eyes out. The trolley tour was really sweet. And so were the people. And it wasn't fake either. Genuine kindness. We need a little more of that up here in the North.

Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed making them. I did not expect this city to resonate so much with me. But I am so glad I listened to Jeff and went. One small note to add: I sold two watercolors (the first two posted here) sitting on a park bench painting. It was really a thrill. Something I always wanted to happen...kind of magical. But that's Savannah.

Forsyth Park

The Mercer Williams House (where Midnight in the Garden of...was filmed)

The fountain at Fortsyth Park


  1. Beautiful charlotte! Youve inspired me to visit Savanah now!

    1. Can't wait to hear about your travels there. You will love it ❤️😊

  2. Your art is always so inspiring--you are an amazing artist. I just want to be soaked in your visual passion. You have such a gift!

    Peace and Love

  3. Charlotte, I loved your beautiful artwork! I stayed in the same B&B and absolutely loved Savannah and the cats, especially Peanut. :) You have inspired me to continue my watercolor studies. Thank you!


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