Botanical Gardens

Yesterday, I went to the Gardens with my friend, Jenn. It was the perfect day to go, sunny and not too hot. We were greeted by all kinds of gorgeous flowers and trees, in bloom. I did not get the chance to draw them while there (there was just too much to do and see to stop!) but I absorbed what I saw and did a few today from memory. Each one has a slightly different feel and I like the difference between drawing on location and drawing from memory. Different things happen. I'm not so worried about it...just let things get put down on the page. It's more about sensations and feelings vs. drawing exactly what's there... I like this. Hope you do too.

Poppies and alliums

A new -found love of this gorgeous variegated flower, Bougainvillea

Cacti! These were really fun to draw. Endless combinations and marks

The blue wall (from Frida and Diego's Caza Azul) was reproduced with the plants they cultivated


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