From the Promenade

Today found me in Brooklyn Heights. I went to the Brooklyn Historical Society for the first time. What a gorgeous building (never mind all the beautiful ones surrounding it!) I felt as though I were stepping back in time, walking up the wooden staircase with carved banisters and finials. My favorite part was the library with its crescent-shaped stain-glass windows, and yes, an old card catalog!

Afterwards, I strolled down to the Promenade and sat by the water looking onto lower Manhattan. I said "Hi" to the Seaport, which I miss dearly and think its weird demise is heart-breaking. I realized I'd never drawn the Freedom Tower. So I did. I also drew the Brooklyn Bridge, which fills me with awe. I feel it's such a spiritual structure, almost cathedral-like. In fact, its design is taken from that of a Gothic cathedral. In all, it was a lovely afternoon of observing and drawing and loving the bounty and history that is New York.

I hope you enjoy these four drawings I made today.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge and Scaffold

Light and shadow on the Brooklyn Bridge

Freedom Tower and the Seaport waterfront


  1. Beautiful Char!! Looks like it was an amazing day :)) I love these drawings such a different take.

    1. Thank you, Danielle! Yes, I was wondering who my unknown admirer was ;)

  2. -That comment was from me!. Forgot to sign my name. Lol - danielle


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