Tiger Lily

When Tilly, the love of my life, passed in June, I thought it would be impossible for me to get another cat. Tilly was irreplaceable, a cat that was there with me and for me through great times and, more importantly, the shitty ones—giving her love unconditionally.

 I felt an immense guilt for having to put her down after we knew there was no more we could do for her and her cancer. She lived one more whole year on her homeopathic meds (and I couldn't be happier to have had that time with her). So I felt an immense guilt even thinking about another kitty in her place.

Then...about 4 months after Tilly died, I volunteered at an animal adoption event and met the creature that would melt my heart, and heal it at the same time.

Enter, Tiger Lily. I have had this little furry creature for a month and what's been her message to me? Don't delay the joy and love another animal can bring (and don't wallow in your sadness too long). She has brought with her so much love and new energy, but honestly, it feels like the energy is just continuing, right where we left off with Tilly. I love you forever, Till. Thank you for being in my life.

Here's some recent drawings I made of Tiger Lily. And also one I did of Tilly exactly a year ago today...



  1. These are beautiful Charlotte. Thank you for sharing your inner thoughts too.


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