Tilly (or Matilda) came into my life on November 13, 1998. She was a Toroise Shell Calico (Tortie) kitten that locked eyes with me in her cage (she actually hypnotized me), and has been the love of my life ever since. But her life took some twist and turns as she had to stay with my sister for several years. But that just gave her double the love. Just last week, Tilly was diagnosed with nasal cancer that has eaten through her bone, slowly invading her brain, and pushing on her eye.

In a million years, I never thought this was the way Tilly would end her days...she is a fiesty cat, full of piss and vinegar and won't give up easily. Neither will I. That's why I started this fundraising campaign for her. In return for your donation (however small or big), you will receive a beautiful piece of art that you can remember me and her by. Maybe you have always wanted to buy original art, or would like to add to your collection. Well, here is your incentive.

Tilly and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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