My trip to India (and then onwards to Bhutan), took me into a foreign yet familiar place: the continent of Asia, where I was born a few countries away in Iran. I hadn't been on this continent in 35 years. What I experienced in India was the kindness of strangers, yet people I felt quite close to me in culture. We drove from Delhi to Agra and on the way saw life passing by, the daily lives of people I saw out of a window for a split second and then gone. Poverty, color, chaos, textures, fantastic textiles and faces...

The Taj Mahal took my breath away. I could have sat there and watched it for hours continuously change in the light. One of my most dear memories is drawing and painting this wondrous, romantic monument from the gardens behind it.  

Jaipur gave me so much in the way of inspiration. I tried to capture its countryside and citylife.  The elephants however were the things that stayed with me the most. Their gorgeously-painted faces, their expressive eyes, and stately walk.

There is so much grandeur side by side with humility in India. I feel that is the best way I could describe it. It taught me so much. The people, mainly, and their attitude towards life.

Pink Taj

Hindu women

Cow amidst the chaos, Pink City
Reluctant Camels
Blue Taj
Taj Mahal
The Street
Sacred Gav

Ladies in the Taj Garden

Out my window
Rabari goatkeeper
Elephants of India
Mahuts on Painted Elephants
Night Garden, Taj Mahal
Taj at Sunset

Elephants on parade, Jaipur


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