A new blog comes forth

Today I spotted two fashionable men on the train. I sneaked a photo of one. The other...well, I told this white lie that I had a blog about men's clothing, yada yada, and could I take a photo of his cool ensemble. He was quite dashing, Irish I think, and a good sport. He let me take a couple pics. And then.................he asked what the name of my blog was.

Yikes. Now what? Now, I had to make a blog. So I did. Today. It's called stylish men make me drool.
Check it out. Become a subscriber. Enjoy.

And if you are the Irishmen (or Englishmen?) checking it out: thanks for the inspiration to start the blog. Sometimes white lies pay off. Hope you're not cross :)


  1. great idea! i always wanted to do a street-fashion snapshot thing, but it's hard to approach strangers. this works! ....and maybe you'll meet a handsome prince...(dont worry--i just slapped myself upside my own head for that remark...)

    carry on!

    1. I love your "handsome prince" comment :)
      Yes, it will be fun if nothing else!


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