Philomela II

I'm pleased to announce that Philomela II will be featured in an exhibit titled, 
Threads Bared: Art Inspired by Fiber at the Nave Gallery in Somerville, Mass. 
I'm excited to be part of this talented group of fiber artists. For more details, click on the Threads Bared link.

This woven wall hanging was inspired by the Greek myth of Philomela, an abducted woman who is raped and also suffers the brutal severing of her tongue. Without words, she is impelled to find another way to communicate her plight. She weaves a tapestry of her tale which ultimately saves her life. I was intrigued by this heroine's tenacity and will to live. At its essence, this story relays a dilemma solved through creative means. How our creativity saves us is a powerful idea to me and I find that my art more succinctly and more powerfully expresses what can fail in verbal language. For my weaving, I chose to integrate a watercolor painting surrounded by a tangle of threads, which I wanted to be raw and visceral, expressive of the story.


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