Palos Verdes

About a month ago, I visited my cousin Florence, and her husband, Al, in Redondo Beach, CA. We took the gorgeous scenic Palos Verdes Drive to explore the coastline and nature trails in that area. We actually went through a luxury resort called, Terranea, to get to the ocean trails. The days we went were cool and overcast but perfect for walking and exploring.

I've posted pictures from PV on Facebook and here I've included watercolors inspired by the tide pool expedition we went on :)

I believe this is called Bluff Cove. The trail from the cliff leads down to this secluded cove, walled on both sides by large rocks. We climbed them to get into the cove itself, which was very cool, and collected some rocks as we got splashed by incoming waves. You can see the cove to the far right in this drawing, with people here and there on the rocks.

Lone seagull surveying the ocean from his perch, with starfish and friends below. I was thinking of Hokusai when I did this one
Seagull's view: The rocks, tide pools, and creatures as seen from above
The rocks we bravely collected from the cove


  1. Charlotte, these are so beautiful!

  2. Incredibly gifted..beautifully seen and rendered from the inside to the your rabbits also!


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