The Importance of Gloves

I found this poem I wrote about five years ago, and was inspired to illustrate it:

The Importance of Gloves

See the poetry in
a face, the poetry
in the nose,
the hands of a man
His shoes, his suit
of pin stripes
and important gloves

The importance of gloves
for hands to hide and lie
hidden hiding veins, blood
molecules of truth
there is truth in the
pumping of hearts
there is truth in the travels
of blood there is truth
in the roots of our being

Our arteries of coral
vessels on oceans
ride and pulse
encoelo et enterra

There is life beneath our woolen shields
and woven severity
There is blood beneath
bloodless lips
Our bodies are not corporations
for corporations are not alive

Our cells want, need,
scream, murmur and
we do their bidding–
or should



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