Happy Year of the Rabbit

These drawings of rabbits are ones I made at different times over the last year or so. First drawings I made as I was sitting on a porch upstate in the early morning, spotting a lone rabbit chewing on the dewy grass.

Afterwards, I sought them out at the zoo and drew them there.

I've grown to really love these mysterious and intelligent creatures, associated with the moon and yin (feminine) energy.

To read more about Year ofthe Rabbit, follow this link: http://www.stanssewingsupplies.com/catalogs/store.asp?pid=253080

The Rabbit Year is supposed to be a calmer and more regenerative one than the year past of the Tiger, a tough year for many. I hope it will be a fruitful and pleasure-filled one. Enjoy the rabbits.


  1. as noted elsewhere, rabbits have been "my" animal for a long time. i am so happy to discover that you have a blog--i was always so impressed with your talent...you are one of those people who pass through life leaving a trail of art, like scattered petals.
    (feel free to check out my blog; i dont publicize it, but i invite friends.)
    all best to you, charlotte: i'll be seeing you, here!

  2. Char, love the illustrations... yes, year of the rabbit... I have a beanie baby zodiac rabbit. I will bring it out and put it on my dresser the whole year!


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