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Monday evening, New York Classical Theater debuted Macbeth at Battery Park. All the men wore they should ;) As this is my second favorite Shakespearean tragedy, next to Othello, I was really excited to see and draw it, with my compatriots in Shakespeare and art: Julia Sverchuk and Margaret Hurst.

With their signature "panaromic theater" style of performance, we, the audience, followed the actors from scene to scene around the newly-designed gardens of the Park, and historic Castle Clinton.

I eagerly awaited my favorite lines from the play to be uttered by the Weird Sisters (the three fabulous cackly witches--played so well by the actresses--guiding Macbeth towards his ultimate demise). Below you will find drawings I made from that wonderful evening, including various excerpts from the play.

Macbeth will be performed by the New York Classical Theater group at the Battery every night except Thursdays, and then will move on to Brooklyn Bridge Park at the end of Augus…

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